Tony Mudau
Software developer

1. Where did you find out about the company?

"I heard about the company from a friend who was working at Enfint."

2. What did you do during the internship?

"I did a lot! I started by learning SQL and sharpening my SQL skills from University. I then went on to more advanced technical topics like ETL with FFC and groovy. Installing and running software such as Fusion Risk.

I was then introduced into an internal project where I worked as a researcher and developer, testing out and implementing very new software components such as graalvm. Other technologies I learnt to use included Linux, docker, jenkins, Mongodb, Springboot and security tools like sonaQube."

3. What did you like the most about your internship?

"What I really liked was the exposure I got to participate in real world projects and learn how they are managed as well as the opportunity to contribute to the project. I also liked the patience of the team and their willingness to teach and assist."

4. What useful knowledge and skills did you acquire during the internship?

"The most useful skill I acquired was problem solving. When doing a technical internship one is faced with many problems, whether it is connecting to a VPN for the first time or figuring out why a process is not running, the ability to problem solve is the first and best skill that still helps me in my job today."

5. What are you doing at the company now? What are your next goals?

"Currently I work as a Junior functional consultant. My main job is implementing and communicating business requirements related to ALM/FTP to our clients, as well as configuring and documenting this implementation.

My goal is to continue developing myself as a consultant having both a strong technical and functional understanding of business processes and delivering greater value in projects."

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