ENFINT presented its digital business transformation solutions at the Africa Tech Festival 2022

ENFINT participated in the event with its booth where the company's experts presented solutions at the forefront of modern technologies in the field of custom application development, MLOps, application integration, AI/ML, Data Science and others. Of particular interested to the audience was the ENFINT MLOps platform, which serves as a business-critical ML model and standardizes ML lifecycle processes.

Companies get the solution that helps reduce the time to market for ML-based products as well as the cost of attracting customers. The platform improves the efficiency of the team of data scientists and engineers. It is based on Open- Source MLOps components and custom CI/CD processes, which track and maintain production models in real time, supporting a wide range of ML libraries and frameworks. It also increases the utilization of hardware resource for building, training, and serving models.

In addition, experts walked attendees through how to implement an efficient data processing solution to optimize cost of ownership and test business assumptions using modern self-service cloud tools. The business benefits from total cost control: no overpayment for unused resources. Among the benefits of using this solution, they noted the reduction in complexity of data usage that allows them to focus on the business tasks and not infrastructure. It also helps integrate business intelligence, data management, data quality, and artificial intelligent into a complex IT landscape and provides companies with new data processing technologies with a minimal entry threshold.

Among the ENFINT solutions, the experts also presented the low-code lending platform enabling rapid product launches and flexible business process changes. It is based on best-in-class Open Source software components and helps build a proactive omnichannel product promotion and decision making strategy using ML, which attracted the interest of the audience. In addition, ENFINT speakers mentioned the Internet and mobile banking solution that builds a personalized user experience for customers: enhancing the lifestyle of existing customers and attracting new ones, reducing time to market for new products. The solution uses UX/UI best practices, remote exchange of banking documents using electronic signatures that allows easy and secure integrations with services using Open APIs.