ENFINT showcased its GenAI Banking Virtual Assistant at Technobank Conference

ENFINT showcased its Flametree Banking Virtual Assistant, powered by GenAI technology. Experts demonstrated its capabilities in improving customer satisfaction, enhancing quality, and reducing interaction costs.

During the panel session Vitalii Grechachin, Lead Data Scientist at ENFINT, delivered a presentation titled “Intelligent and personalized GenAI Banking Assistant that understands customers”. In his address, Vitalii highlighted a statistic from Business Insider, indicating that nearly 40% of global Internet users prefer chatbots over human representatives for customer service interactions. He pointed out that chatbots relying on outdated technology, which can frustrate customers by deflecting requests or providing irrelevant responses to straightforward inquiries. Vitalii elaborated on how banks can elevate the customer experience to new heights with Flametree Banking Virtual Assistant powered by GenAI, providing a detailed explanation of its capabilities.

The solution functions as a virtual assistant, utilizing conversation history, client’s profile and bank offers to provide tailored responses. It offers guidance on fees, tariffs, and available financial products, facilitating cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Powered by GenAI technology, it fosters natural and engaging conversations and employs a "Human-in-the-loop" approach for response accuracy. By utilizing local open-source Large Language Models (LLMs), the platform mitigates the risks associated with sharing personal information with third-party service providers and ensure compliance with necessary data protection policies.