ENFINT presented the practice of implementing machine learning models in banks at the Fintech360 conference

ENFINT participated in the international business conference Fintech360 in Armenia. This is a platform to discuss the latest trends in financial technology, find new partners and business development opportunities, as well as share experiences with leading professionals in the banking industry.

ENFINT creates IT platforms, focusing on custom application development and implementation of core applied IT solutions, helping clients achieve sustainable competitive advantages. The company's offices are located in the UAE, Germany, Serbia, Cyprus, South Africa and also in Armenia, where ENFINT intends to expand, supporting local companies in solving their digital transformation needs. 

As part of the conference, Svetlana Markova, Сhief Consultant at ENFINT, gave a presentation dedicated to the practice of implementing machine learning models in banks – “From a pilot project to the industrial platform”. The expert spoke about the ENFINT MLOps platform that serves business-critical ML models. Svetlana Markova paid special attention to the company’s approach of launching a pilot project to implement the model in the business process, followed by development on the organization's infrastructure and scaling the platform using cloud services.

The speaker elaborated on customer case studies: the platform solved challenges such as increasing the efficiency of the data scientist and engineer, reducing the time to market for ML-based solutions and reducing the cost of attracting clients. The implementation of the model in the industrial operation took about two minutes after one year of the completion of the project.

Furthermore, at ENFINT booth, the company's experts presented to the audience solutions for the digital transformation of companies: the AI-driven ALM solution based on the Finastra Fusion Risk system that allows measuring the impact of a crisis scenario on the bank’s key performance rations, including provisions, profitability, liquidity, and capital. In addition, they presented the Finastra Fusion Risk enterprise risk management system to receive end-to-end automation of IFRS9 requirements. The key features of this solution are rapid implementation and a modeling framework to meet regulatory requirements and internal risk assessment methodologies.

Among the ENFINT solutions, the one that has attracted public interest is the Internet and mobile banking solution that builds a personalized user experience for clients: improving the lifestyle of existing clients and attracting new ones, reducing the time to market for new products, and improving the quality of communication with clients.

The speakers also mentioned a cloud-based, ML-driven decision management solution that can predict and reduce customer churn. It can be deployed in private and public clouds like Azure and AWS. The experts also showcased a low-code lending platform for rapid product launches, proactive omnichannel product promotion and decision-making strategy using ML.