ENFINT has shared its expertise in modern software architecture design patterns during a webinar hosted by Ministry of Finance of Angola

On March 16th ENFINT team led by Gildarte Francisco, country manager for Angola, took part in the online conference hosted by SETIC-FP (the Information and Communication Technologies Service for Public Finances), which focused on modern approaches of software architecture design and development.

The online conference brought together top technology experts to discuss the impact of software architecture on the entire IT infrastructure, pros and cons of various architecture design patterns in different enterprise environments as well as best practices for achieving development cost optimization, high scalability, performance and reliability of the custom software.

In his speech, Gildarte Francisco highlighted advantages and challenges of developing software in microservice architecture, spoke about most state-of-the-art tech stack relevant for microservices development and made a point on evolution of approaches to increase agility of monolithic architecture. The expert also talked about most relevant for MSA tech stack and corresponding DevOps aspect. He provided an overview of the modern approach to front-end development, highlighting the benefits of micro front-end architecture pattern such as higher development, improved reliability and shorter time-to-market.