ENFINT showcased the implementation of cutting-edge payment solutions in a microservice architecture at the PLUS-Forum

The company’s experts actively interacted with forum participants at the ENFINT’s booth, addressing inquiries about the experience in implementing various business solutions in a microservice architecture. The real case studies presented by the architects and experts, particularly those about commercial banks, garnered special attention.

Anton Lazebnyy, Partner at ENFINT, delivered a presentation during the session "Payment Business: Infrastructure Development" which was dedicated to the implementation of innovative payment solutions in a microservice architecture. Due to the rapidly changing market dynamics, businesses are compelled to adopt new products, processes, and systems to maintain profitability. The experts highlighted the challenges associated with this endeavor, including the costs involved in implementing new IT systems and phasing out the old ones, such as data migration, functionality transfer, and integration process changes.

ENFINT experts provided detailed insights into how to efficiently execute such projects in the shortest time possible using the MSA platform. This solution enables rapid development, deployment, and scaling of microservice applications with minimal infrastructure setup efforts. The speakers shared examples of successful project implementations in banks, addressing various business tasks such as online payment notifications, generating reports in different formats for partner interactions, analyzing incoming payments based on specific patterns, and generating data for registries, among others.