ENFINT unveiled innovative strategies to boost customer satisfaction, improve service quality, and reduce interaction costs using the Flametree GenAI Banking Virtual Assistant

Oleg Baranov, Managing Partner at ENFINT, addressed the issues with traditional chatbots, noting that 39% of customers cite poorly functioning chatbots as a significant challenge in their banking experiences. He highlighted the key differences between legacy chatbots and the Flametree Digital Banker. Flametree adeptly handles complex user queries, utilizes conversational history for personalized responses, and promotes cross-selling and up-selling of financial products. This assistant enhances the overall customer experience by advising on various financial matters, from fees and tariffs to account balances and transactions.

Oleg Baranov detailed the architecture of the Flametree Virtual Assistant. He emphasized its use of a privately deployed LLM model to create natural and engaging conversations. The sophisticated reasoning processor dynamically selects the appropriate skill to address intricate user inquiries. The Virtual Assistant also features an skill library and a user-friendly interface for managing and creating new skills efficiently. For instance, when a bank wants to introduce a new product like insurance policies, it can easily train the virtual assistant by updating the data model and creating new skills, such as "purchase of insurance policy" and "list of my policies."

Furthermore, Flametree seamlessly integrates across multiple digital channels, including web and mobile apps, WhatsApp, and Telegram, providing accessibility while safeguarding sensitive data, even offline.