A Universal European bank that offers innovative financial services to individuals and businesses in the Baltic states.

To enhance and upgrade the decision-making system for both individual clients and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Project Results
The project encompassed the following key components:

A new data model was developed from the ground up, ensuring it was tailored to meet the specific needs of the bank's clientele. The attributes within the data model were updated and expanded, enriching the depth of information available for decision-making processes. A comprehensive strategy for loan origination was formulated, addressing the unique requirements of both individual clients and SMEs/MSMEs. The JBoss Drools-based solution underwent thorough documentation to ensure transparency, maintainability, and ease of future enhancements.

Business value
The bank's decision engine, a pivotal element of the loan origination process, was significantly improved. This enhancement streamlined decision-making for both retail and SME clients. The current lending strategy was optimized, resulting in more precise and effective loan origination decisions. The project also future-proofed the bank's capabilities by laying the groundwork for the development of additional tools to manage relationships with legal entities in the coming years. This ensures the bank remains adaptable and responsive to evolving industry dynamics and customer needs.

Tech Stack
Jboss Drools, Java.