ENFINT has presented LLM-driven Virtual Assistant for banks at Digital Banking Summit

At the company's booth, ENFINT experts showcased LLM-driven Virtual Assistant designed specifically for banks. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates a private, open-source LLM model with client financial profile data marts.

The experts highlighted the challenges faced by banks, such as legacy chatbots that are limited by predefined responses, often resulting in inadequate customer support. Customers today prefer asking questions in natural language and expect quick, relevant responses. A Virtual Assistant, equipped with comprehensive knowledge of customer financial data, including banking products and transactions, can significantly enhance overall client satisfaction and drive increased sales.

The solution empowers clients to effectively manage various banking products, including deposits, cards, loans, and more. It utilizes sentiment analysis to adjust responses according to the user's mood, preferences and provides personalized product recommendations and tailored promotions to enhance the user experience.

Virtual Assistant offers several advantages for banks: enables cost reductions through optimized LLM inference, ensures the security of models and data within private accounts, and seamlessly integrates with all systems, including mobile banking apps and service desks.

To learn more about LLM-driven Virtual Assistant: https://enfint.tech/va