ENFINT has presented its MLOps platform at Middle East Banking AI&Analytics Summit

ENFINT participated in the Middle East Banking AI & Analytics Summit 2023 in Dubai, dedicated to the most dynamic innovations & recent technological developments in the region. Top leadership from major established banks and technology experts shared their learnings, experiences and use cases on implementing and scaling AI and Analytics effectively.

ENFINT presented MLOps Platform, which supports the whole ML lifecycle, including data preparation, model creation, training, serving, and model quality monitoring. ENFINT MLOps Platform is built on well-known Open Source components, it is designed to deploy on the Kubernetes platform, allowing for the creation of flexible, scalable, and fault-tolerant solutions. The platform helps to construct CI/CD processes at all stages of developing an ML system, including deployment, integration, testing, and infrastructure management.

The platform can act as a driver of innovation – Data Scientists will be able to test their hypotheses faster and integrate them into business applications. ENFINT MLOps Platform ensures the reproducibility of multiple processes and models, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. ENFINT’s expertise helps to achieve business objectives like rapid product launches or decision-making strategy in an optimal way through the perfect balance of selected state-of-the-art, advanced and reliable technologies for the ML-projects. Experienced team of MLOps engineers ensure automation of model training process, reproducibility of training results, efficient feature engineering, smooth model deployment, scalability and robust production use.