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    What technologies are critical for farmers?

    Increasing population, harmful factors on vegetables and climate change are forcing the agriculture sector to make innovations. Today AgriTech is empowered with many emerging technologies as IoT-based solutions, robotics and automation, data analytics for data collection from the crops, livestock, the soil or atmosphere for prediction processes.

    According to StartupsInsight IoT expansion is seen as the backbone of AgriTech information technology, setting solid basis for better monitoring of the needs of crops and individual animals, better automation in irrigation, farm machinery, and harvesting. Further, advancements in AI and machine learning (ML) boost prediction accuracy and provide insights into weather events, crop classification, and diseases of plants and animals.

    For our clients in agriculture industry ENFINT offers robust and performant solutions for telementry collection, real-time complex event processing, big data analytics and data science services that help our clients to significantly improve performance of their business. This includes real-time harvesting analytics, crop and cattle breeding forecasting, CV solutions for plant dicease detection and more.