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    ML-driven solutions developed by ENFINT

    The global machine learning market is expected to grow from $21.17 billion in 2022 to $209.91 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 38.8% in forecast period, according to a report by Fortune Business Insights (source: https://www.fortunebusinessinsights.com/machine-learning-market-102226).

    ENFINT specializes in developing ML-models for industries such as banking, retail, logistics, telecommunications, manufacturing, and agriculture. Our experts implement models for assessing credit risks in the financial sector (PD, LGD, early warning models, macroeconomic models for IFRS9), also for the HR domain – forecasting employee termination and automating the search for employees. We create services for detecting anomalies and for forecasting multidimensional time series (sales volumes, warehouse loading, information systems load) using ML models.

    To explore more ML-driven solutions developed by ENFINT: https://enfint.tech/machine_learning