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    Top strategic technology trends in 2022 — why are they critical to business

    Let's take a look to the top strategic technology trends from Gartner and find out why are they so critical to business.

    1. Data fabric. Provides a flexible integration of data sources across platforms and business users, making data available everywhere.

    2. AI Engineering. Automates updates to data, models and applications. Combined with strong AI governance, AI engineering will operationalize the delivery of AI to ensure its ongoing business value.

    3. Cloud-native platforms. Allow to build new application architectures that are resilient, elastic and agile — to respond to rapid digital changes.

    4. Composable applications are built from business-centric modular components. Make it easier to use and reuse code, accelerating the time to market for new software solutions and releasing enterprise value.

    The full list of trends is availible here: Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022