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    Cloud in Financial Institutions

    According to McKinsey analysis, Fortune 500 financial institutions could generate as much as $60 billion to $80 billion in run-rate EBITDA in 2030 by making the most of the cost-optimization levers and business use cases unlocked by cloud.
    The McKinsey article «Three big moves that can decide a financial institution’s future in the cloud» says that most companies have been tentative about moving to cloud at scale since cloud migration is uniquely complex for financial institutions. Furthermore, their IT landscape is particularly varied, with 40-year-old applications running alongside more modern systems.

    At ENFINT we help our customers to reduce IT costs, improve service availability and ensure business flexibility through utilization of infrastructure of world’s leading сloud providers like AWS, MS Azure and GCP. We assist the companies to move data pipelines and analytical services to cloud-based architectures and take advantage of the agility of modern cloud platforms and better position data infrastructure.

    Learn about our cloud services: https://enfint.tech/cloudengineering