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    New approaches in data collection and analysis. What does ENFINT offer?

    Here is a look at 12 data and analytics trends to keep on radar in 2022: https://www.gartner.com/en/articles/12-data-and-analytics-trends-to-keep-on-your-radar

    Data in the minds of businesses has become a valuable asset and a powerful monetization tool. The possibilities of data analysis results for finding development trends and adjusting business models have become obvious. Using Big Data as a set of technologies and approaches, it has become easy to extract maximum value from the data available in the organization, using them as a holistic asset category.

    We offer our clients something more - comprehensive solutions for a wide range of analytical tasks. Such solutions include the most advanced technologies, including data streaming cycles, analytical sandboxes, MLOps, DataOps, DevOps, which allow companies to work with various types of data, effectively managing them and benefiting.